Artist of the Month: Daniel Caesar


So, I went on a period of not finding any new good songs or artists, and in the midst of my spell, I discovered an absolutely insanely talented artist by the name of Daniel Caesar. At only 21 years old from Toronto Canada, his single “Get You” has gained 10 million streams on Apple music since being released in October 2016. He only began releasing music in 2014, so has had a pretty rapid rise in fame since then, although he is still not well-known. His music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and SoundCloud. His style is best described as “feathered R&B with tufts of rock, soul, and gospel against bright, opaque instrumentals” (Buzzfeed 2014). Here is one his live performances that is breathtakingly good, and my all-time favorite live performance of his. Listen to his full album on Spotify entitled, “Pilgrim’s Paradise”, and his featured singles as well. His music has really caught my attention, and I hope one day I will get to see him live in concert if he tours in America. Enjoy!



Checking In


After running this blog for a few months, I feel pretty good about the state my blog is in considering I have never run a blog where I actually post my own content and run it myself. I used to have a Tumblr blog, but all I did was reblog pictures on my feed, and I didn’t write any content on it. Looking everything I’ve done on my blog since we began working on it makes me really satisfied to just see everything coming together and all of the work I’ve put into it is really starting to show.

Looking at everyone else’s blog also, it’s really cool to see how everyone’s website has progressed throughout the semester and to see how our skills have improved. For my first time doing this, I am pretty content about the current status of my blog, and hope I can keep up with it even when the semester ends. It’s amazing to think that some of us went into this completely blind, with having little to no blogging experience, and find that some of us now have actually really enjoyed it. I think my blog is still a work in progress, and I definitely have a lot more content that I have yet to post, and that I am really excited to share with my audience.

Fitting in, or standing out?


My blog fits in with all of the other websites that are similar to mine because most music blogs, unless they are specific to one genre, cover many artists, songs and albums from multiple genres, and I think my blog does a good job at covering many different styles and genres of music, so that I can appeal to many different audiences. I’ve actually recently gotten into this website called hypemachine, that shows a bunch of new music from all different genres, and top charts on SoundCloud, and even shows top songs from previous years as well.

My blog is different in many ways though from others, because I do share music that I personally enjoy, so I feel my blog is much more personal in that way and some people who may like rock or country, will not find my blog too appealing. I mostly post genres of indie, electronic, rap, hip-hop, or R&B. After looking at other music blogs, maybe I will try to share more songs or artists that I am not too familiar with from genres outside my preference. However, I have received positive feedback on the music and artists I have shared thus far, so maybe I will continue to post music I enjoy, and hope you have all enjoyed it as well, and found some artists or songs you liked!

PowerPuff-ing Myself


When I read the assignment description, I got super excited to see I could turn myself into a PowerPuff character, because my sisters and I were literally obsessed with the PowerPuff girls when we were younger, and since they are three girls, and I have two sisters, we used to each call ourselves one of them- mine was Blossom. I think my character is funny because it’s describes me so accurately. The process of creating my personalized PowerPuff character was super fun, I liked being able to pick out my own clothes, hair, and then add the accessories. I found it amusing how they had the bubble tea as an accessory, and I immediately had to use it, because I always drink bubble tea. I of course had to add the cat too, because I am absolutely obsessed with my cat, Neko. In the end, I think my character came out pretty accurate. I also couldn’t figure out how to save the final result, so I had to screenshot my screen, and then save the image and crop it. That was something I was not expecting, I thought I would be able to just right-click it and save it, or there would be a download button, but there wasn’t! Leave a comment and let me know how you guys uploaded the image, I’m curious to see if there was another way I might’ve just missed.

creative commons

I searched “Frank Ocean” in the creative commons search using the SoundCloud search, and most things that came up were covers of Frank Ocean songs by SoundCloud users. Yet I did come across one user who posted this song, and I assume allowed it to to be shared commercially, so I decided to choose this song to share on my blog. This song isn’t actually featured on Spotify or iTunes, so I believe this was not an officially released song by Frank Ocean, being that it’s not on any of his albums. It’s okay for me to use this media on my blog because I am not profiting off of it, or denying credit to the author, I am simply using it to comment on the song and share it with my followers. The song is accessible to anyone on the internet through Youtube or SoundCloud, and can be obtained legally by users to listen to and download.

This song I believe is around 4 years old now, and I think many people don’t know a lot of Frank Ocean’s old music while he was still working on Odd Future with Tyler the Creator. For me personally, I prefer his older songs, such as the ones on Channel Orange, and even ones like this that are not featured on his album. However his most recent album, released in 2016, entitled “Blonde” was an amazing album, and the style of the songs on that album differ from his old music, but I still thought it was executed perfectly. I chose a song to share rather than a picture or video because this is a music blog, and my goal is to expose music and artists that people may have never heard, and hopefully will enjoy listening to.



meme 3

This meme is symbolizing my current feelings, because recently I have just been overwhelmed with a lot of stuff regarding school work, friends, and pretty much everything. I always overreact when a problem arises, and usually things turn out okay, and I regret worrying and stressing as much as I did. I also always find my self over-analyzing every single small thing that happens to me, it makes me think illogically. Although this meme doesn’t really relate to my blog, in a way it kind of does, because I remember starting this blog I was overthinking about what I wanted to make it about, but then I realized how easy it is to write about something you love, which is why I chose music as my theme.

Stress and overthinking are something unavoidable, but often I remember how small my issues are, and that everything is really temporary. I actually got a tattoo last year that says this “this too shall pass”, which relates to this meme, that while a situation may seem overwhelming or too much to handle, it’ll pass with time and get better.  I sometimes wish I didn’t think too deeply into things or over-analyze, because it causes me a lot of unnecessary stress. I think music also helps me cope when my I overthink and stress, and has always been a method of coping and motivating for me.


social media

Hello all- hoping you all had a lovely spring break! If you have enjoyed looking at my blog and like my content, I hope you can help me out by promoting it through social media! In my personal opinion, I think Twitter and Facebook are the best platforms for promoting things such as blogs, websites, etc. Just posting a simple status with a link to my blog, or even just one tweet can go a long way! Your help would be greatly appreciated as I am trying to get my blog out there and have more people see it. Especially since I am using this blog in job applications and want it to be seen by as many people as possible so I can keep making improvements and get feedback from users outside of class. This will be very beneficial to my blog because I think it’ll increase my viewers and put my blog out there for more people to see. Both Twitter and Facebook are excellent platforms to share sites, information, and is a great way to connect with tons of people. Since everyone has different followers, by promoting my blog, I hope to reach a wide variety of music lovers, and that I can share my favorite songs, albums, and artists to others outside of our classroom.

The Goddess: Banks


In 2013, I discovered an artist by the name of Jillian Rose Banks, or better known as Banks. My friend introduced me to her my senior year of high school, and I immediately fell in love with her music. The first song I ever heard by her is called “Waiting Game”, (probably her most well known song) and was featured in a Victoria Secret commercial, the trailer for one of the Divergent movies, and Grey’s Anatomy. After listening to that song, I was curious to hear the rest of her music. I listened to her full album entitled “Goddess” (pictured above), and she soon became my favorite artist. In her music, she deeply reflects her emotions and her struggles with depression, intimacy, and her personal insecurities. My senior year I really connected with her music, and it helped me get through some really difficult times in my life.

Her music style is classified as a sort of “dark” R&B, with influences of Lauryn Hill and Fiona Apple. Although she is frequently compared to styles such as Lorde and MØ. In September 2017, she released the album “The Altar”, which is an absolutely amazing album. Below you can view the video to a live acoustic performance of her song “Change”, off the Goddess album. This video captures her raw and pure talent that I admire her so strongly for.


Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

My experience with screencasting was almost effortless, aside from figuring out what to say in my recording, the actual process of screencasting was super easy! I actually didn’t mind doing this at all, and showing a blog that I really enjoy looking at and browsing. I think learning how to screencast can come in handy if I am ever showing someone how to do something online, or making a tutorial on a certain topic, I would probably use Jing to do my screencast. I originally was going to screencast a clothing website, or something along those lines, but I figured everyone has seen those before, and I wanted to navigate a more interesting page, in which some of you guys probably haven’t seen before. I was pretty surprised about how long it took me to figure out how to get the link to my screencast! I had to actually go into Jing, and upload my video from the file it was saved in on my computer, then once it was uploaded onto Jing, I was able to copy the link, to paste here in my post. I think the system is super cool, and is for the most part, easy to figure out.

In discussing the page I chose more (, I wanted to choose something that would really demonstrate the things we’ve discussed such as easy-navigation, the aesthetic, and categories. My favorite aspect of the blog which I think I mentioned in the Jing screencasting is the many different subcategories they include on their site. It makes the user spend a lot of time on the site, because they can explore so many different topics, and browse endlessly. For me personally, I love a website with the right amount of content, not too much and not too little and for me this blog fits right in the middle.